Saturday, 7 April 2012

Life grown small


It’s four months since I started the blog, maybe more since my life turned interesting, and what have I put up here? Nameless, faceless people, a nameless locale, and a probably much less than presentable narrator with no clue on where he’s going.

So: another introduction.

Hello all. I started this blog on December 2011 with the name From St Martin’s Land (not sure why now). I post here under the screen name Journeyman Shoemaker, which shares initials with my real name. I am a male high school (equivalent) student and currently live with my mother and my older sister, who happens to be a year above me. I enjoy the occasional speculative fiction, upbeat music, excitement and yoghurt. I used to have friends, good friends even. I took long walks on evenings and blurry pictures on family outings, I tried to talk classmates into liking my favourite bands, I collected cheap hats and not that long before this all began I worked on a study guide assignment for my English class.

Just a few weeks before it started, there would honestly be little reason for me to start a blog, but, well… I sort of like to write about myself a lot. Long story short, my dad disappeared, and signs would indicate that these things some call the Fears are involved. Since then the family’s tried to move on (bar some hindrances), and to be honest I’d intended to write about more mundane things here back when I began. Heh.
Circumstances took more interesting turns and strange things started coming in, this time usually related to a nearby bookstore, now to be referred to as Sarie Marais for the sake of convenience. Which brings us to Mother Elder and Father Willow, an old couple living nearby but as of late exceedingly hard to reach. This couple, who have also gained access to the blog (for what I can only hope are savoury purposes), are as far as I know quite knowledgeable on the subject of the Fears, though I don’t know how much. They’ve been quite enigmatic figures themselves, meaning that for the time being I hope that my trust lies where it ought to.

So far they’ve been the foremost source of clues and information, most of which looks a tad suspicious. But I don’t exactly have anyone else on my side, so… yeah.

Hope that cleared a few things up. Have music.

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