Saturday, 28 January 2012


Not quite as eager to imitate cheesy pop fans as I was, though. Don't expect much activity from now on.

Will probably change the layout later when I feel less suicidal.

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EDIT: Whoops, wrong number. O_o Bloody piece of shit memory.

Thursday, 19 January 2012



Don’t know how obvious it is… but well, I’ve been trying way too hard to make life look a lot fluffier than it’s really been. It’s the prospect of getting to show off my artworks, I guess – again, I’m not what anyone would call a decent artist, but it was quite tempting, to say the least.

So, to finish this off quickly enough: recent events brought back unpleasant memories. Assuming you came here the way most people did, I think that you might be able to put a guess or two on the reasons. Now, I frankly have had little idea how much of the stuff in the blogs I follow is anything more than eloquent delusions, but that was then. This is now. In retrospect, though, not much difference between the two in the grand scheme of things. In the end, we’re all a mere bunch of ardent fishfingers, mistaking ourselves for greater powers.

The real ones haven’t been keen on being hospitable, as I found out some time ago.

Will probably come back in a week. Or a month. Maybe will just disappear and let the spam comments flood in. No idea if all will still be well by then, of course – curiosity hasn’t done us well.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back to school

First week isn't looking up to be quite as exciting as I thought it'd be. :/ Well, the company of my peers is more than welcome, but I'm an artist, dammit. I can't exactly sit for hours listening how to measure chemicals with dead Italian people - Loschmidt, Canizaro, whatever.

On another note, just noticed that the blog's time setting apparently places me a little bit to the west. Being paranoid, I am okay with this. b^_^d

Contrary to what certain parties would have others believe, I do have friends just like all artsy nerds. As disclosing their personal information without approval would obviously be quite rude, I shall henceforth use painstakingly thought-out aliases. Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

  • Ramius: Lad who introduced me to The Hunt for Red October, hence the name (not a good sign for creativity, I know >_>). Same age, same height as me but quite a bit leaner thanks to actually exercising. Got signed up for a good number of science competitions last year and hence tends to be a nice source of help for less pleasant subjects.
  • Mabel: Short girl with Korean parents and what TV Tropes would probably describe as a Keet. Somewhat pushy at times, but generally nice enough and shares my artistic interests. 
  • Hen: Actually a guy, despite what the name might imply, and a bit of a Crocodile Hunter enthusiast back in the day. Actually among the most popular in our year, oddly enough. Also a head taller than me. ._. Got paired with me for assignments quite a lot throughout the last semester and gradually came to enter our circle in some ways.
Apology for the uninspired nicknames - and hoping the descriptions didn't come off as too stereotypical. >\\\>

Other meatspace people may be written on from time to time, with nicknames should they be required. Assignments are coming up, and the state of internet access still isn't improving, meaning even less time to post here. ;_; Hoping to be able to return soon enough - in the meantime, thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oh, and most importantly...

EDIT: Before anyone asks, I found this on an earlier Youtube binge. Potentially useful to annoy classmates with, no?

Cygnis Insignis

Sorry for the late update, my memory seems to have failed me yet again. ^_^; Not many followers to embarrass myself in front of for now, it seems, so I suppose that proper updates (hopefully in a less than completely egoistical manner) is in order.

So: I did get around to ask the elderly couple's names! It was actually yesterday, of course - not a good reflection on my prioritising, but from a "glass half full" perspective, I suppose that one could look at the fact that I'm a bit less likely to forget them compared to lots of other things now.


And I seem to be enjoying writing here than I said I would. :v

Anyway, mostly stayed at home; family stuff kept getting in the way, which did puzzle me at times. I mean, I'm an adolescent male and I certainly show more maturity than they do to each other most of the time. TT___TT

With school still being away, I probably ought to act upon what I say of myself. Behold:

Well, I certainly did not claim to be a good artist. >_> Apology for the red bit - that was a nosebleed.

Have to go for a bit, internet problems. Cheers.