Friday, 23 March 2012

And here I am, once again an uninteresting old person

First of all, I really must apologise for having so rudely put things together to my own liking, but I and old Father Willow, bless his tweed hat, believe that poor Journeyman would have some problem conveying recent events in the light of present conditions, namely the internet problems that so love to spring back and forth between us. In light of this, we decided to save our young man the trouble of easily bored readers wandering off while the problems are being sorted out. ^_^

So, to recap:
  • ·      Kiddo saw a body inside the bookstore and a suspicious-looking dark shape in the shadows nearby.
  • No one else was around to see it, and no one has commented on it to my knowledge.
  • The bookstore has been closed since.
  • Communicating has been a bugger, but it is in our favour that little Journeyman has refrained from going after possible eldritch happenings by himself – I can’t bear to imagine where would we be with him gone, he’s been just the loveliest young lad. ;~;

The sun was going down fast when we met a few hours ago, yet in our fortune the time available was, in fact, more than enough to set things straight! Our friend dearest, in all his loveliness, asks questions as one would throw discus. At a discus.

Which is, of course, should by no mean be taken as overly inflated opinion of our own usefulness, lest we be seen as marginalising Journeyman’s imminent role in the escapades that no doubt are shaping up, but nonetheless we are quite honoured to have taken part, however small it might have been.

And to get things going, a rough transcript:

“Where have you been? What was it?” “Oh, nothing fancy, just staying home and hoping you won’t run off so quickly after the next chai latte.“ “That, and inquiring a tiny bit on the bookstore.”
 “Really? What have you found then? And, um, how are you?” “Fine as always, sweetie.” “And as you might’ve noticed, we indeed have done quite a good amount of research on the dreadful place, which you indeed might have noticed from the earlier clipping.”

Writing down my own rather peculiar speech from memory is awfully strange. As is expositing through a transcript, but shush, not everyone is a good writer. >_>

“The rather inconvenient fact is that the either the Child or the Blind Man has at long last established their grip round the bookstore we are presently discussing” 

“Well, yes, I sort of noticed, but how does it relate exactly?” 

“Ah, dearie, that’s precisely where things ought to get interesting. Public knowledge on the bookstore’s origins has been quite scarce indeed, and yet we try to persevere nonetheless. You see that the Child brings forth obsession, that she fancies a home or two or a hundred thousand and now it’s all towering mounds of dusty books all over her land. You know how little kids can be. Especially after it’s gone on for twenty years.”

 “Okaaay… and the Blind Man? I hope that no one here has ongoing deals with him?”

 “If our good man had indeed played much of a role in the past, then I’m quite afraid that all those knowledgeable have most likely… forgotten.” “But you know how mean forgetfulness can be, sweetie. Don’t worry, we all know.”

 “Ah, okay, thank you, thank you. And the sun’s going down, so I guess I must get home?”

 “That you do, sonny boy.” “And don’t worry about misquoting, we’re quite fine by everything.”

 “Okay… and I’m really, really sorry for not having written well in the past, oh my god I hope I didn’t make you guys look bad, I really do.”

 “Don’t worry about misquoting, we’re quite fine by everything.”

 “Ah, yes! And thank you!” (scurries off to be good company to others) 

On that note, has anyone out there noticed the Child’s escapades before the last few months? I really haven’t, but then again old people are not generally taken as the most observant members of the society, so eh.

Hope I didn’t disappoint. Nighty night everyone~

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