Monday, 19 March 2012

The unexpected uneventfulness of a murderous fortnight

That was pretty much it, really. There might have been other important things, but I sort of suck at remembering them at the moment.

I found another email in the inbox this morning. Mother Elder said that their internet hated Blogspot for time being, but it would be nice if we were to meet up at the park for the usual matters in the near future. Not many other choices for now, I guess, so I’m saying yes.

Um, just curious, but I wonder what would the kind readers think of me as a communicating individual? I’ve been told to not mumble or stare into the distance too often in the past – my predicament might not have been entirely eldritch, after all. ~_~
As for the park… what can I say? It’s a tiny bit small, under-maintained but sort of looks green if you squint hard enough. Details better come out later, maybe.

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